Key Features of JellyBOX 4 That Make It an Educator's Favorite

Although the key feature of JellyBOX is to allow students to build the 3D printer from a DIY kit, once assembled, it has features that meet the requirements of teachers using 3D printers in their classes. Let's summarize these features:

1. Effortless Nozzle Maintenance

With JellyBOX, a clogged nozzle is a one-minute fix, not a class disruption. Other printers often require disassembling the extruder or shipping the entire printer for servicing.

2. Whisper-Quiet Operation

JellyBOX 4 features brand-new electronics with silent motor drivers and cooling fans, resulting in super-silent operation. Teachers can run up to six JellyBOX printers simultaneously and still be able to speak and hear their students.

3. Accelerated Printing

JellyBOX's firm frame construction is dynamically stabilized by new anti-vibration software technology, allowing it to print at least twice as fast as common 3D printers without sacrificing quality.

4. Unparalleled Material Versatility

The JellyBOX extruder and filament roller are designed to work with any filament from any producer. JellyBOX owners are not restricted to using filament from IMADE3D. The extruder's direct drive construction allows for easy printing with PLA, PETG, and flexible materials.

5. Safe and Transparent Design

JellyBOX is built inside a fully transparent acrylic frame. It is enclosed on all sides, but the entire printing process is fully visible. This allows students to observe the printing process for better understanding.

6. Cross-Platform Compatibility

JellyBOX firmware is based on the open-source MARLIN operating system, which uses standard GCODE generated by all 3D slicers.

However, the flagship slicer for JellyBOX is Kiri:Moto, which runs inside the browser, making it independent of computer type. It can be used on Windows, macOS, Chrome, Linux, and even regular tablets, eliminating the need to install any slicing software, making it very suitable for students.

These six important features make the new JellyBOX 4 an ideal 3D printer for classroom use.

JellyBOX Versions

To support its use in educational settings, JellyBOX 4 is available in three versions:

1. JellyBOX 3D Printer DIY Kit
2. JellyBOX Fully Assembled (ready to use)
3. Additionally, there is a new special option: the JellyBOX On-Site Assembly Bundle. With this option, JellyBOX printers will be assembled at your location by our professionals, who will then teach users how to use them for printing.

Check the buying options in our e-shop to find the best solution for your needs.

Key Features of JellyBOX 4 That Make It an Educator's Favorite
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