Implementing JellyBOX in Multiple Schools

Why 3D Printing is Essential for Education

3D printing is transforming industries globally and is crucial for education at all levels. For elementary students, it nurtures creativity and problem-solving. High school students see practical STEM applications, while college students gain advanced technical skills for future careers. Integrating 3D printing ensures students are both consumers and creators of technology.

Challenges in 3D Printing Education

Adoption of 3D printing in schools faces hurdles. Many teachers lack proper training, leading to underutilized 3D printers. Schools often purchase unsuitable printers, causing frustration and wasted resources. This highlights the need for comprehensive training and appropriate equipment.

The Solution: Structured Professional Development and Student Education

We propose a structured project centered on the JellyBOX 3D printer, offering professional development (PD) for teachers and subsequent student education.

Professional Development for Teachers


  • Training Sessions: On-site or online classes covering JellyBOX assembly, 3D modeling, slicing, and printing.
  • Hands-On Experience: Teachers assemble their JellyBOX printers, gaining practical experience. On-site classes accommodate 12 teachers; online sessions can include up to 48 participants.

Classroom Implementation by Teachers


  • Class Setup: Trained teachers will set up 3D printing classes using the learned curriculum. Each class receives 6-12 JellyBOX printers, depending on student numbers.
  • Hybrid Learning: Initial classes are hybrid, led by a certified trainer with the teacher assisting remotely. Classes can be part of after-school programs, summer camps, or STEM education.
  • Next Year Education: Teachers independently teach in subsequent years with IMADE3D providing support. Previous students can assist, developing leadership skills.
  • Project-Based Learning: Students engage in various projects, fostering creativity and practical application.
  • Year-End Activities: Students disassemble JellyBOX printers, preparing for the next batch under teacher supervision.

Sustained Implementation and Leadership Development

Teachers will lead classes independently, with IMADE3D available for support. Peer leaders from previous years enhance leadership and technical skills.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable Education Model

This model ensures continuous education with minimal expenses. The reusable JellyBOX printer requires minimal consumables. For example, 24 teachers can educate 432 students annually, ensuring widespread, sustainable 3D printing education.

Project Planning and Execution

JellyBOX prepares a comprehensive deployment project. Schools and districts can fill out a request form to initiate this transformative initiative.

Deploying 3D printing education prepares students for the future, fostering technical skills, teamwork, and leadership. By investing in teacher development and providing the right tools, we create a sustainable educational environment. Empower students to become tomorrow’s innovators.

Fill out the form to integrate 3D printing into your schools. IMADE3D will prepare a detailed proposal and arrange an online meeting to discuss the plan and answer questions. Let's make a significant impact on education together.

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