JellyBOX 4 Assembled

The assembled JellyBOX 3D printer is tailored for educators looking to seamlessly integrate 3D printing into their curriculum, with a primary focus on utilizing 3D-printed models to enhance their teaching across various subjects.

This ready-to-use solution allows teachers to dive straight into the creative and educational possibilities of 3D printing, without the need for assembly time.

By incorporating 3D-printed models into their lessons, educators can provide tangible examples that stimulate student engagement and understanding in a diverse array of disciplines:


  • Art: Bring students' designs to life, from sculptures to architectural models, allowing for a hands-on exploration of form, space, and creativity.
  • Math: Visualize complex geometrical concepts and problems with 3D-printed shapes, making abstract ideas more concrete and understandable.
  • Geography: Create topographical maps and models of landforms, facilitating a deeper comprehension of physical geography and environmental science.
  • History: Recreate historical artifacts and buildings, offering a tangible connection to past cultures and civilizations.
  • Science: Model molecular structures, human anatomy, or ecosystems, enhancing interactive learning and scientific inquiry.


Every Assembled JellyBOX 3D printer includes access to a comprehensive online hybrid education program designed specifically for teachers.

This program covers essential skills such as maintaining the 3D printer, executing print jobs, selecting appropriate materials, and preparing 3D models for slicing using slicer software.

“On-Site Assembly” Option

Introducing our groundbreaking "On-Site Assembly" option, this package redefines convenience and effectiveness in 3D printing setup.

Choose this special offer to receive four or more JellyBOX DIY kits right to your doorstep, where a certified instructor will personally assemble your printers.

This hands-on approach not only guarantees that each device is configured to perfection but also brings the learning experience to your facility.

Beyond the basics of assembly, the on-site session dives into the nuances of maintaining and optimizing your JellyBOX, offering insights that go beyond what's possible in an online format. This face-to-face interaction allows for immediate answers to your questions and in-depth discussions on making the most out of your 3D printing technology.

With the "build-on-site" approach, we're not just delivering printers; we're delivering confidence and capability.

This unique service ensures that educators are fully prepared to integrate 3D printing into their curriculum, from art and mathematics to geography and beyond, with a level of understanding and readiness that sets a new standard in educational technology.