Professional Development

Professional Development (PD) for Teachers

Professional Development (PD) is essential for teachers, especially in the realm of 3D printing technology. Many schools have 3D printers that are underutilized or even gathering dust because teachers lack the necessary skills and confidence to use them effectively. Our PD program aims to change that by providing comprehensive training that empowers teachers to fully integrate 3D printing into their curriculum.

Comprehensive 3D Printing Training

Our PD covers all aspects of 3D printing technology, ensuring that teachers gain a thorough understanding and practical experience. The training includes:

  • Building the JellyBOX 3D Printer: Hands-on sessions to assemble the printer from scratch.
  • Learning How to Slice 3D Models: Detailed instructions on preparing 3D models for printing using slicing software.
  • Learning How to Print 3D Models: Practical guidance on operating the printer and troubleshooting common issues.
  • 3D Modeling: Introduction to creating and modifying 3D models using user-friendly software.

    PD Options: On-Site and Online

    We offer both on-site and online PD options to accommodate different needs and preferences.

    On-Site PD:

    • Duration: 2 full days (each day 6 hours)
    • Advantages: Direct, hands-on experience with immediate feedback and support. Ideal for immersive learning and team-building.

    Online PD:

    • Duration: 8 sessions, each 2 hours long
    • Additional Support: Consulting as necessary
    • Success Guaranteed: Continuous support ensures successful implementation
    • Free Spare Parts: Any broken or non-functional parts will be replaced at no cost

    Advantages of Online PD:

    • Flexibility: Teachers can participate from anywhere, fitting the sessions into their schedules.
    • Ongoing Support: Regular sessions allow for gradual learning and reinforcement of skills.

    Why Choose Our PD?

    Our PD program is designed to ensure success, with a focus on practical application and continuous support. By the end of the training, teachers will be confident in building, operating, and maintaining 3D printers, as well as integrating 3D printing projects into their teaching. This hands-on experience and knowledge will transform 3D printers from unused equipment into powerful educational tools that enhance student learning and engagement.


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