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JellyBOX hot-end heat block for Volcano nozzles

JellyBOX hot-end heat block for Volcano nozzles

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 The custom-made JellyBOX hot-end heat block, developed by IMADE3D, is specifically designed to enhance the performance of your JellyBOX 3D printer with a Volcano nozzle. Key features include:

  • Dedicated Design for Volcano Nozzle: This heat block is tailored for use with the Volcano nozzle, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.
  • Innovative Cartridge Placement: The heat cartridge is positioned at a 15-degree angle to the nozzle, providing unique heating dynamics.
  • Superior Heating Distribution: By heating the bottom of the heat block more than the top, this design significantly reduces the risk of clogging and improves filament flow. The increased bottom heating ensures that the filament melts more thoroughly and evenly as it approaches the nozzle, leading to smoother extrusion and fewer blockages.
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